ADV Motorcycle Exhaust Accessories

ADV Motorcycle Exhaust Accessories

Very easy install. Direct bolt on with NO mods whatsoever. I didn’t dyno afterwards but the 2k to 3k range is much improved. I ran a mostly stock bike from CT to Vermont and back and got about 83 MPG. 2006 cbr 1000rr fairings Same near stock bike going from CT to Maine and back again while running at about 85 90 MPH on open highway;i got about 72 MPG. Since I use this this bike as a local commuter to work and back (about 10.5 mile one way with a good size hill to climb each way) I have noticed that my bike will pull harder at lower RPM’s. street glide lower fairing Before I had only an aftermarket silencer, now I added the Arrow header and K air filter at the same time. I did a factory reset on the ECM and just ran with it. The bike now pulls at almost a full 1000 rpms lower than it before, gsxr 600 fairing kit and has an awesome exhaust tone. I honestly find myself shifting gears faster at lower RPM’s aiming to run at 6th gear where my bike would just buck and shake before. I cannot believe the torque the motor has to pull hills at 2500 rpms, my bike would have just shuddered and stumbled before. 05 cbr 600rr fairings I am looking to make another Vermont run as a side by side comparison; I am aiming for better than 90 MPG.

Posted on 11 avril 2018 in Places

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